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What Looks Great With Leggings?

A black Merry Mod Tunic is the perfect top to wear with any leggings!  It provides cover and adds style.  In this winter shot I am wearing a Merry Mod Tunic to keep me warm as I try to keep up with my puppy!  Later I took off the jacket and wore it to meet friends at a coffee shop.

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Caring for Fleece Fabrics

Please check back for updated information about microfibers.  Synthetic fleece breaks apart when we wash it.  It is important to learn about how these tiny fibers are ending up in the environment! In the meantime, you may wish to wash before wearing and then wash as infrequently as possible.

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Welcome to Merry Mod!

Merry Mod was inspired by a love of the outdoors, a desire to wear responsibly made clothes, and a need to make clothes that fit and look good!  There are many companies working to create clothing that works in a variety of settings--what makes us unique is the fit and style. We love a mod vibe.  Our tunic has an A-Line cut that allows for style and ease of movement.  Perfect for dressing up or for getting out.  Layering is easy--tights, leggings, jeans and snow pants all work well.   The short sleeve is designed to pair with any base layer. ...

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